How to earn money online - online earning source

Hello everyone today we are going to talk about how to earn money online & online earming source and today we will tell you how you can do online earnings and what are its methods. every person wants to earn money sitting at home, but if you read our article today, you will know all the ways to earn online and if you have a little knowledge about the internet then you can easily Sitting can earn money and I will tell you how to make money through all these methods.

How to earn money online - online earning source
How to earn money online - online earning source
How to earn money online - online earning source
So first of all we tell you how many ways to earn money online , then we will tell you about how to make money through those methods one by one and I'm sure you know 2 , 3 method in which 
Online earning sources 
  1. Youtube
  2. Blogging 
  3. Affiliate marketing 
  4. Servey
  5. Captca solver 
  6. Freelancer 
  7. Virtual assistant 
  8. Writing job
  9. Trading 
  10. Online seller 


If you have any creativity inside you, then you can start a youtube channel YouTube is the best platform for earning online videos that show your creativity in your video and upload it to YouTube. If people watch your video then You still earn when ads come to your video but ads only monetize YouTube channels

How to monetize your channel: - If your channel completes 1K subscriber and 4,000 hours watch within one year  under the YouTube Rule of 2019, then you are eligible for monetization, simply sign up in adsense and within 1 month got approval from youtube partner program and start earning


Blogging is good way to earn money online if you have written skill and you like writing so you start a own blog and make money online

How to start a blog ?
You want to start a blog you need some money to buy 2 compulsory thing first of fall 1 Domain name and second hosting to host your site when you complete everything

Then you start a write a article for your blog & make your site adsense friendly and after some article you sign up for Adsense approval and  if your site eligible for show  Adsense  ads then you got a approval

Affiliate marketing  
Affiliate marketing are a biggest way to make money online affiliate marketing are based on Refer And Earn System still multiple sources are available for doing affiliate marketing. 
and mostly company are accepted affiliate program because this is good way to make your business big and increase company revenue 

Currently Affiliate Marketing Sources 

  1. Amazon Associate
  2. Ebay
  3. Affilinet
  4. Affiliatewindow
  5. Shopify
Freelance is good way to start online earning without invest any money well you have any type of skill like video editing , graphic design , web development , writing so you start a work online as freelancer here is some freelance  website 
  1. Freelance
  2. Fiver 

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